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Youth Regeneration/Hormonal Balancing

Youth Regeneration and Hormonal Balance


People age due to the loss of their hormone levels as they go through life. By bringing the hormones back into balance to a level similar to our 25 to 30-year-old levels we can slow the aging process, give back strength and a feeling of youthfulness. Thyroid hormone, growth hormone and gender hormones are analyzed through blood tests and each and every patient has these hormones given to them in a custom-fit regimen to bring them the maximum in strength, confidence, and a feeling of youthfulness. This can be accomplished through topical creams and/or injections and oral medications.


Common medical knowledge now points to the fact that we, as humans, age because our bodies stop producing hormones at a youthful level soon after our normal reproductive years have passed. Our bodies are designed to keep us young and healthy through about 25 to 30 years. After our mid-30's, our reproductive abilities are no longer needed to propagate our species, and we stop producing these vital hormones, resulting in the physiolgic changes we associate with aging - in other words, we "dry up and wither away".


In addition to restoring hormonal balance toward a more youthful level, together we will employ diet, exercise, and dietary supplements to help you become and remain younger, healthier, and more vital.


"We Determine Your Baseline Hormone Levels"


Advances in medical research allow us to now examine the hormonal systems which once made us young and vital and return those hormone levels to a younger, healthier state. Through lab testing, we will determine your current, baseline levels for these hormones. We will be focusing primarily on your Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Estrogen, Thyroid and Progesterone levels. By examining these values, we can get a more precise look into the functioning of your hypethalamus and pituitary gland, and your adrenal axis and gonads (gender organs, testes and ovaries). We will look closely at the functioning of your thyroid which determines our Basal Metabolic Rate. We may need to replace these major hormones through supplementation in the form of creams, pills, and in some cases, injections.


"Together We Will Set Your Goals"


On your first visit with Dr. Meadows, he will review the results of your blood work, and will discuss the normals, the abnormals, and their significance. Together we will set goals to bring abnormal values back to a healthier level. I will make recommendations as to how to replace your deficient hormone leves, and try to give you an open and realistic perception of the change that you can expect through this regimen. I will do a physical exam on your first visit and will write prescriptions for you that you can fill at any pharmacy. I would strongly urge you to choose a state of the art compounding pharmacy where you can have confidence that your medications and your supplements which I will recommend to you are safe, effective, and bio-available. I will make pharmacy recommendations to you based on my own personal experience.