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Pain Control Medicine

Pain Control Medicine


At Meadows Medical Solutions we believe that patients have a right to pain control. Each and every patient is evaluated and undergoes testing to diagnose the extent of their injuries. Patients are then given an individual, custom-fit, pain control regimen. This is supervised very closely by the Medical Doctor and prescriptions are issued only through Dr. Meadows. This gives each patient confidence that the medications that are prescribed are accurate and appropriate.


Millions of people live with chronic pain, which can affect a number of different body parts, including hip, back, neck and other body parts. Pain sypmtoms vary from person to person, thus an effective pain treatment program must be tailored to each individual. Our advanced pain control services allow us to prescribe treatments that will provide a swift reduction in discomfort levels, helping each patient recover more quickly.


We can develop a personlized pain control program just for you. It all starts with your initial consultation. Use our simple contact form to schedule your appointment today!