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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation


Modern physical therapy techniques utilize a wide variety of rehabilitation processes that restore healthy function to the body. Physical therapy can also help to reduce an individual's pain, and finally, prevent further injuries.


No two injuries are alike. Each individual that we have the opportunity to assist with their physical therapy needs comes to us with a different set of circumstances surrounding his or her injuries. The uniqueness of each injury requires a carefully crafted recovery plan for each individual. Our approach to physical therapy is simple: put each patient on the road to recovery as quickly as possible with a customized rehabilitiation plan built just for you. We want to help you get back to a normal life, free of pain and discomfort, as quickly as possible.


What can I expect out of a physical therapy plan from Meadows Medical Solutions?


Your first visit to see us will include an initial examination that allows us to evaluate your injuries, their extent, and develop the outline of your personalized recovery plan. Your program will be designed with your personal medical history in mind, and our staff will work closely with you and your physician to craft a plan that will help you meet your goals and objectives for successful rehabilitiation.


What programs and techniques does Meadows Medical Solutions use for therapy?


 At Meadows Medical Solutions, we use various physical therapy modalities, including ultrasound, ice and heat, traction, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, whirlpool and electrical stimluation.


How can I get started with my personal recovery plan?


Ready to get back on your feet? Fill out our contact form today to schedule your physical therapy consultation.