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Vein Gogh Spider Vein Ablation

Vein Gogh Spider Vein Ablation


Vein Gogh spider vein treatment is a new and technologically advanced way to quickly treat specific types of veins in the legs and face with minimal discomfort. Normally used for spider veins that are too smal for sclerotherapy, the treatment is quickly becoming the most popular and effective way to treat most unsightly spider veins. The Vein Gogh treament normally takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 


How Does the Vein Gogh Treatment Actually Work?


An extrememly small probe is placed on the targeted spider vein, and a microburst of high energy heats the vein to the point of collapse. The body slowly absorbs the vein.


Am I a good candidate for the Vein Gogh treatment?


Most people can be safely and easily treated with the Vein Gogh treatment. However, you are not a good candidate for the Vein Gogh treatment if:

    1. you have a pacemaker
    2. have a history or present diagnosis of seizures
    3. are pregnant
    4. have used any sort of self-tanning products in the last week
    5. you have any metal allergies of any kind

Is the Vein Gogh treatment painful?


The average reported pain level for the Vein Gogh treatment is a 2-3 on a scale of 1-10. Sometimes a warm feeling may occurr on the skin surface temporarily following treatment. Most individuals find the discomfort to be very minor for this procedure.


Is there any downtime?


The risk of over-treatment is very limited due to the precise nature of the Vein Gogh procedure. This leaves little or no trauma to the skin. Mild redness sometimes occurrs for a few hours following treatment.


When can I expect results?


You will see results immediately! This immediacy is one of the fantastic features of the Vein Gogh treatment. You will also see continuous improvement over the next several weeks following treatment.


Sclero Therapy Treatments


Sclero therapy is the process of injecting a “sclerosing agent” (irritant) into a small spider vein to make the vein collapse. The residual pigment from the vein is usually removed by normal skin cells over 30 days following treatment. Depending on the size of the vein and the underlying venous pressure of the veins feeding the spider veins, further sclerosing sessions may be needed. Sometimes up to 4-5 sessions may be required. If large varicosed veins are present they may require treatment by a vascular surgeon prior to the sclero therapy of spider veins.


How do I get started with the Vein Gogh or Sclero therapy treatment?


Ready to get started with your very own Vein Gogh or Sclero therapy treatment? Use our contact form to schedule your Vein Gogh or Sclero therapy consultation!