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Aesthetics Treatments


Aesthetics medicine is the practice of medication to enhance beauty. From botox and dermal filler treatments, to facial rejuvination and laser hair removal, we can help you achieve your goals for a healthier, more beautiful look. Our staff is expertly trained to be able to provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals. After your initial consultation, we will put together a customized plan to help you look better and feel better about yourself and how you look. Aesthetics treatments can be performed in multiple ways, including:


Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox is a protein that is injected into a muscle to prevent that muscle from contracting. This results in a decrease in wrinkles caused when that muscle contracts. This can be used to the forehead, to the glabellar region, and to the ‘crow’s feet’ to help create a more youthful look.


E-matrix Facial Rejuvenation

The E-matrix machine by Cinnaron is a radio frequency ablation machine which carves cone-shaped openings into the skin of the face. This reduces scars, reduced wrinkles, and improves coloration of the skin. A younger, more natural look with less scarring can be achieved in three to five visits at three months apart.


Laser Hair Removal

Using our Candella Gentlelase we can almost painlessly permanently reduce the amount of hair to most all regions of the body. The cryogen used immediately before and immediately after the laser pulse makes laser hair removal with this laser practically painless.


Vein Gogh Spider Vein Ablation

Using the Vein Gogh spider vein ablation radio frequency machine we can ablate painlessly small spider veins up to one millimeter in diamter. The effect is almost instant but may take up o 28 days for pigment to be completely removed from the skin.