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Youth Regeneration and Hormonal Balancing


People age due to the loss of their hormone levels as they go through life. By bringing the hormones back into balance to a level similar to our 25 to 30-year-old levels we can slow the aging process, give back strength and a feeling of youthfulness. Thyroid hormone, growth hormone and gender hormones are analyzed through blood tests and each and every patient has these hormones given to them in a custom-fit regimen to bring them the maximum in strength, confidence, and a feeling of youthfulness. This can be accomplished through topical creams and/or injections and oral medications.



Botox and Dermal Fillers: Botox is a protein that is injected into a muscle to prevent that muscle from contracting. This results in a decrease in wrinkles caused when that muscle contracts. This can be used to the forehead, to the glabellar region, and to the ‘crow’s feet’ to help create a more youthful look.


E-matrix Facial Rejuvination: The E-matrix machine by Cinnaron is a radio frequency ablation machine which carves cone-shaped openings into the skin of the face. This reduces scars, reduced wrinkles, and improves coloration of the skin. A younger, more natural look with less scarring can be achieved in three to five visits at three months apart.


Laser Hair Removal: Using our Candella Gentlelase we can almost painlessly permanently reduce the amount of hair to most all regions of the body. The cryogen used immediately before and immediately after the laser pulse makes laser hair removal with this laser practically painless.


Veingogh Spider Vein Ablation: Using the Veingogh spider vein ablation radio frequency machine we can ablate almost painlessly small spider veins up to one millimeter diameter. The effect is almost instant but may take up to 28 days for pigment to be completely removed from the skin.

Appetite Suppression

Part of medical weight loss programs includes appetite suppression using amphetamine medications. Phentermine and Bontril are used by our practice. Patients are placed on calorie restricted diets which are easier to maintain with the appetite suppression of the medications. Patients can lose weight at 2-1/2 to 5 pounds per week by maintaining their calorie restricted diets. Patients are seen weekly and are weighed and a urinalysis for keytones is tested on each visit. Initial visit includes blood work and physical examination by the physician. All subsequent visits for diet patients are done by the physician and not by ancillary personnel.


HCG Diet

The HCG diet protocol is a diet protocol where a person is placed on the human corionic anatropin hormone to help suppress diet and to help redistribute fat deposition. They are placed on a very strict, calorie restricted diet within the program which lasts for six weeks. HCG can be delivered by injection or by sublingual absorption under the tongue.


Fitness Medicine

Fitness medicine is medicine that treats musculo-ligamentous and joint injuries through exercise. Our bodies developed to heal themselves through exercise. At Meadows Medical Solutions our physical therapists, our chiropractors, and the physicians monitor patient’s exercise from soon after an injury occurs until the patient is able to rehabilitate themselves through strengthening the muscles, ligaments and tendons that move and stabilize joints.


Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic medicine is a system of joint manipulations and exercises which help to reduce pain and improve a patient’s level of comfort. Multiple modalities are employed by our chiropractic physician in rehabilitating our patients.


Personal Injury Medicine

Personal injury medicine is the treatment of persons who have sustained injuries in slip and fall accidents and/or motor vehicle accidents. At Meadows Medical Solutions we provide a full range of diagnostic and rehabilitative care to persons injured at no fault of their own. We work closely with the injured patient to document their injuries, to diagnose their injuries, and to treat them back to resolution and health.

Pain Control Medicine

At Meadows Medical Solutions we believe that patients have a right to pain control. Each and every patient is evaluated and undergoes testing to diagnose the extent of their injuries. Patients are then given an individual, custom-fit, pain control regimen. This is supervised very closely by the Medical Doctor and prescriptions are issued only through Dr. Meadows.