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Medical Weight Loss


Physician-supervised weght loss presents several advantages to DIY diets and "just can't stick with it" home weight loss programs. Putting your weight loss program under a physician's care provides you with knowledgeable direction and encouragement on your journey to a new, thinner you.


For patients with hypertension, heart disease, or previous TIA/stroke, you are not a candidate for amphetamine appetite suppression. We offer alternatives such as HCG appetite suppression, along with offering the Take Shape for Life program with pre-programmed, pre-packaged meal plans, and our health coach Christie Nagy.


At Meadows Medical Solutions, our physicians help you balance education, appetite managment, and activity to lose weight effectively and healthily. The weight loss strategies we use teach you how to keep weight off using real food. As opposed to a "quick fix" diet, our medical weight loss programs help you to change the lifestyle habits that will permanently plague your weight loss efforts. By changing these lifestyle issues, you can be well on your way to a life-loing commitment to a healthier you.


Our medical weight loss programs include:

  1. A complete medical exam
  2. Regular consultations with knowledeable medical professionals
  3. Nutrition plans and education
  4. Nutritional supplements to aid you progress
  5. Any necessary medications, if prescribed by a doctor


An ongoing commitment to your weight loss goals


As we progress with you closer and closer to your goal weight for the program, we begin to introduce principles into your consultations that teach you how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Once you have reached your goal weight, we offer our workout facilities on an ongoing basis for your use so that you can keep yourself committed to keeping the new you!


Medical Weight Loss Program Pricing


The initial visit with Dr. Meadows is $195.00, and includes:

  • Comprehensive history and Physical Examination
  • Labwork/bloodwork
  • EKG, BP/heart rate evaluation
  • Weight, BMI, body fat calculations
  • Urinalysis
  • Labwork/bloodwork
  • General health risk assessment
  • 2 injections
  • First week's medication
  • Exercise counseling by physician


Weekly follow up visits have 3 different options or levels:


Level 1: $65.00


Fifteen minute follow up with Dr. Meadows, Weigh-In, Blood Pressure Check, Behavior and Lifestyle Coaching, Prescribed Medication, Fat Burning and Metabolism Boost Injection.


Level 2: $55.00


Includes everything from level 1 except for the injections.


Level 3: $45.00


Includes everything from level 1 except for the injections and medication. Dr. Meadows issues a script for the medication to be filled by the patient at a pharmacy of their choice.


Ready to begin your personal weight loss program? It all starts with your initial consultation. Use our simple contact form to schedule your appointment today!